Don’t look at me!



Hey all, it is I, Mott! Admin for the Grumpy Tank Army, Manager of the Patreon, Builder of websites, Designer of Graphics, Purveyor of Grumpy Tank Merch, and Ghost’s wife. Due to some significant errors popping up on the Grumpy Tank website after the latest updates, I decided to wipe the site clean and reinstall everything. Start from scratch. Because of this, as of May 25th the new website is in a state of construction.

I could have just waited until the website was complete before launching it, but I’m laz–err I mean very busy, and it’s easier for me to edit this live.

The reason I’m putting up a blog post here is so those of you who haven’t seen the discord announcement can know that the website is in flux and won’t be concerned if you see anything weird. I’ll probably delete this announcement after everything is put together. Until then, DON’T LOOK! Nothing to see here, MOVE ALONG!

Thanks for your patience, and expect some new official Grumpy Tank Merch to launch soon. 🙂


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