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Who is Ghost? What is a “Grumpy Tank”?

Ghost_Prime is a dedicated Twitch streamer and military veteran with a long history of service, having served both in the Navy aboard the USS Carl Vinson and in the Army as a tanker during the 2nd Iraq War. Known for his diverse gaming streams, Ghost plays popular titles such as X4: Foundation, MechWarrior 5, Space Engineers, Minecraft, Warhammer 40k, and Outpost Infinity Siege, and maintains a rotation of private servers for Patreon supporters (Current server running is Space Engineers).

The channel mascot, Sgt Grumpy Tank, embodies Ghost’s grumpy yet endearing veteran persona, adding a unique cantankerous charm to the channel. Why the Sgt rank? Because Ghost’s rank was Staff Sgt and his wife has a sense of humor when she created the channel graphics.

Ghost began streaming at the encouragement of his wife to “be more social,” and he now streams full-time, building a close-knit, friendly community known as the Grumpy Tank Army. He engages actively with viewers, fostering an inclusive and interactive environment that often feels like a lively talk show, and passionately advocates for veteran mental health awareness and suicide prevention through his streams. Ghost_Prime frequently streams daily from about 10 am to 3 pm EST (and occasionally a second stream in the evenings), except on Sundays, and welcomes everyone to join his vibrant community on Twitch and the official Grumpy Tank Army Discord server. What are you waiting for, fuckers?! Come check out the livestream and join the Grumpy Tank Army today!

Grumpy Tank PX

Ghost’s wife “Mott” is a freelance graphic designer who runs most of the graphics for his channel. Upon viewer request, Mott will launch new high-quality merch for the Grumpy Tank PX. All merch is hand-picked and curated by Mott, and she adds new designs based on requests from the community, and whenever she isn’t insanely busy. Grumpy Tank PX is specially setup to serve Ghost’s world-spanning community, so most orders will allow for local shipping costs even for international customers.

Unique design Requests

Do you have an idea for a design you’d like to see on the PX? Share your ideas on the discord and Mott will work on it if she gets a free moment. And yes, indeed the “Grumpy Tank Sports Bra” was a special request from the women gamers in our community, and everyone who have bought them say they’re very high quality! 😉

Our latest and greatest

What our customers say

Quality Space-Amish Grade Barbed Wire!

I was getting tired of the old energy hogging forcefields and wanted something more sustainable for my space station. Thanks to Grumpy Tank Industries, my X4 station is now equipped with energy efficient barbed wire, and you can tell the artisanal quality of the hand craftmanship that only the Space-Amish provide!

~ Gorthank K.

Mighty Mech Murder Mondays?

I love watching Ghost’s stream, especially on his Mighty Mech Murder Mondays stream! Wait, or was it Mighty Monday Mech Murders? Or maybe Mech Murder Monday Mighties? Monday Mighty Murder Mechs? Wait, that’s not right…

~ M. Steiner

New Keen Update, who dis?

I’m having a blast playing on the new Grumpy Tank Space Engineers server! I just started but already have put a lot of time and resources into a very complicated and ambitious project build. I heard there’s a brand-new SE update that Keen is planning to launch soon. I can’t wait to see how that affects the server! For certain it only means good things for my current project and will finally fix some of those instability issues.

~ C.L. Ang